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To all Porkers and Might-Be-Porkers,

Join Us for the 3rd Shortest and 2nd Flattest RAGBRAI ever,
and the 21st Birthday of PBV!

You can apply now for Pork Belly Ventures services
for RAGBRAI 2014. Simply click "Apply."

Our invitation went out just after the route was announced on January 25th. (GREAT ROUTE!)

If you're interested in passing the corn with PBV, and if you’d like to receive our 2014 Invitation Letter, please write to tammypav@cox.net or petephillips@cox.net.

Pricing is not published here. Please write to tammypav@cox.net or petephillips@cox.net for a price list and description of our services.

To look at individual services of PBV, what is included and how things work, click on "Details" above or read through our 2014 invitation letter under "Invitation."

The next big RAGBRAI dates to remember:

April 1st, deadline for signing up for RAGBRAI
May 1st, expect host-town websites
July 18th, travel to Iowa and gather at the river

First-time RAGBRAIers, please take a look at the "First-Timers" tab above or our "Suggested Packing List" under Details.


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